One Week Ago Decisions Were Made

It was a week ago when America went to the polls. As you know by now who was elected and who lost. There is much to contemplate as we move forward as a nation. Many are protesting, many are shouting hallelujah…as for me I am highly concerned and highly fearful for many who are on the margins. Of course history is written in the future as it goes by. People are holding close to the things and traditions that offer them wisdom and comfort. We shall see what our world will be. Decisions have been made, now there is much work to be done.

6 Replies to “One Week Ago Decisions Were Made”

  1. So far my expectations are not being met. He appears to have gone beyond his pale scope.
    He won the prize and now he has no plans but to make his cronies take on the burden of the job. He is the King with no clothes on. Yelling to everyone that his clothes are gorgeous. There is a prediction that eventually he will be impeached and Hence the Pence will succeed to the job. The country has lived through Harding and Coolidge. Trump is in the books and he will be known as the Flounder of the White House. “It is going to be a bumpy ride”

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