Fantastic Beasts Is Simply Fantastic

I loved Fantastic Beasts and Where To Find Them. Without giving anything away, no spoilers sweetie I thought the movie had some stunning visuals, amazing story telling and sets up a whole new wizarding world that takes place in the USA during the 1920’s. JK Rowling does it again in how she gets to expand the Harry Potter universe. You get to see perhaps how the magical community is more global and there is a common thread from the UK to the USA.

Eddie Redmayne leads an amazing cast that keeps you spell bound from start to finish. The characters are memorable and very likable.

The themes of the movie seem to reflect the times in which we live in America in that different people have to live underground because they fear for their way of life and culture. You must check it out when you can. Potterheads will not be disappointed.

Author: Tony Burgess

Hi There! My name is Tony Burgess. My friends call me "T-Bird", I'm a believer, blogger, lover and bleeding heart idealist from the great city of Chattanooga, TN. I embrace all things geeky and nerdy. This blog is where I chronicle and curate the silly and sacred things in life. My life is about my wife of 17 years Laura, Cody our boy dog, family, friends and of course blogging. I work for Blood Assurance a regional blood bank. The Episcopal/Anglican Church is where I express my faith and St. Peter's parish is my community. Grace and peace to all!

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