NATIONAL COOKIE DAY – December 4 | National Day Calendar

National Cookie Day is observed annually on December 4th. We can thank the Dutch for more than windmills and tulips.  The English word “cookie” is derived from the Dutch word “koekie” meaning little cake.There have been cookie-like hard wafers in existence for as long as baking has been documented.  This is because they traveled well however, they were usually not sweet enough to be considered cookies by modern day standards.

Source: NATIONAL COOKIE DAY – December 4 | National Day Calendar

I hope you all have had some cookies with the beverage of your choice. Coffee, milk and tea are good options. No matter what cookie you like there is one that can satisfy ones sweet tooth.

5 Replies to “NATIONAL COOKIE DAY – December 4 | National Day Calendar”

  1. Wow, looks yummy. Thanks for the info Tony, i didn’t know that the word cookie is derived from a certain Dutch word. Thanks for that. I learned something new today. Btw, the photo is beautiful.

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  2. OMG my people were actually good for something other than very depressing sayings and battles!! 😀 I LOOOOVE cookies! And chocolate! And nuts, especially when they’re all combined!

    I didn’t know about National Cookie Day (then again, I live in the Netherlands and we don’t have this – boo!) and I feel I should make up for having missed it by eating an extra amount of cookies today! 🙂


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