Daily Prompt: Fortune

Fortune is a loaded word. It can be the result of hard work or pure luck. It’s something that isn’t always about accumulation of wealth but opportunities to do exciting things in life. Carnivals have people who can predict your future by telling your fortune in the palm of your hands. There is a school of thought that you have to make your own fortune and not to let it just come to you. Whatever your fortune might be, I hope its a good one.

via Daily Prompt: Fortune

One thought on “Daily Prompt: Fortune

  1. Your carnival bit reminds me… A fortune teller (I went there for fun) once told me I was to engage in a course that would greatly help my career… O_o

    Well, she also told me guys would be fighting over me and so far I’ve not seen anyone remotely being interested in me.

    Happy Holidays, Tony!

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