6 thoughts on “Bloody Good Sherlock. It Was Brilliant, Amazing, A Serious Ride #SherlockPBS”

  1. I enjoyed it but sometimes I had a hard time hearing the banter. It is fast and quite structured. Did you note the pearl in the bust was in a Sherlock Holmes of old. It was called the Pearl of Death. I had that figured out as soon as I saw the busted piece of statuary. Figured the wife would be knocked off, there was no room at the inn for her. Noted John’s hair getting white streaks. I feel sorry for this Holmes. He would burn up from the endeavors of analysis and probably do damage to himself. The flame is beautiful but you do not want to go in it.

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  2. Couldn’t have agreed more, Tony. Yes it was heartbreaking at the end, a roller coaster of a ride (but the writers must feel somewhat compelled to squeeze in so much so that repeated viewing becomes compulsory) throughout, and absolutely wonderful. It is a gut punch to think that this show may never return, because even when it is not up to its usual standards (rarely) its still light years better than most of the other stuff on television. :O) ,


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