My Dorm Room At Hiwassee College in 1991-1992


This is me, in my dorm room in Brunner Hall at Hiwassee College 1991-1992. I had this room all to myself so I could decorate the whole thing. It was something I was proud of. I made a lot of motivational posters on a dot matrix printer to keep me focused on graduating. One thing about this room is that I had to get some extension cords to take power from one side of the room to another. I had a fridge and a hot pot where I made a lot of ramen noodles. As you can see by the geek in the picture it was a geek’s dorm room. This building is now closed to occupancy because of its age. The memories live on however.

Author: Tony Burgess

Hi There! My name is Tony Burgess. My friends call me "T-Bird", I'm a believer, blogger, lover and bleeding heart idealist from the great city of Chattanooga, TN. I embrace all things geeky and nerdy. This blog is where I chronicle and curate the silly and sacred things in life. My life is about my wife of 17 years Laura, Cody our boy dog, family, friends and of course blogging. I work for Blood Assurance a regional blood bank. The Episcopal/Anglican Church is where I express my faith and St. Peter's parish is my community. Grace and peace to all!

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