A Very Long Time

What would you say to a person you hadn’t seen in a very long time? For me that could be as long ago as 40 years (I’m 47) or longer. You would be different people. It would be a situation where life has come and gone. Facebook has been good at reuniting people but for many its a class reunion or a homecoming at school or a place of worship. Seeing someone you haven’t seen in a very long time is sweet and special. How would you react?

3 Replies to “A Very Long Time”

  1. Facebook put me in touch with a cousin I had not seen for about 45 years. It was great. We have gone to stay with him and his wife. They live in France and he works in England so we meet up whenever we are over there. We had a lot of catching up to do and the best part was chatting about our relatives who have now passed on. Essentially we are, at heart, the same people we were all those years ago.

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