Something About January 2o, 2017

OK…Friday is a day many have been dreading for years, months, weeks, days. I am more than likely going to avoid Facebook and maybe Twitter. I recognize that democracy is in motion on January 20th as demanded by the American constitution. One thing I can say is that the world is going to be very different after 12 noon on Friday. I fear for the many people who will fear for the future because their marriages could be no longer recognized or their health care taken from them. I am usually a fair person but in this situation it really is hard to be knowing who is going to be president and the people he has nominated for his cabinet. I won’t be watching his swearing-in, I won’t be watching the non-stop coverage online or on TV. To me the best way forward is to do my job and to be there for my friends who are on the brink. As a white, Anglo-Saxon, protestant I resolve to do what I can to be a safe space for all who need help. So if you need someone, just call.

8 Replies to “Something About January 2o, 2017”

  1. I’ve watched every inauguration since the Clintons Tony. Even George W. Bush’s. But I’m with you. Despite the historical significance and the peaceful transfer of power, I just can’t watch tomorrow. Not when I’m so terrified at what this incoming presidency may do to this country and the world. BTW, dis you read President Obama’s goodbye letter to the American people? It’s really something. I just posted a few sections that I thought really stood out. God I’m going to miss him and Michelle!😞

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  2. If there is one thing I hold to as the 45th President comes into power, it’s this: I get to decide who I am, what I believe, how I act and what I allow; no one can take this power away from me. Here is standing by each person with honor, respect, compassion and real support. Stand tall, each one of you. Know that you are important and precious; don’t let anyone convince you otherwise. Let’s stick together; no one should walk through these scary times alone.

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  3. To me it’s so strange how such big decisions like gay marriage approval and health care can change per president. Then again, the whole idea of a president is literally foreign to me. Then then again, maybe, because we all expect the very worst of Mr. Trump, we will noy be too disappointed?

    Okay, that is a looooong shot, but still. Holding on to any positive thought until my country votes Wilders for prime minister. Then, all hope truly will be lost.

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