2 thoughts on “Friday Thought”

  1. FB is becoming like the television…..it’s brainwashing & inevitably controlling…….I admit, I am addicted & feel refreshed when I cut my time back on “checking in” on everyone. What’s worse is when I drive around my tiny town of 10K I witness so many walking/riding/driving w/their noses in their phones …….or those addicted to meth (I sadly call them zombies….sucks their soul right out of them) wandering the streets acting erratic …I would never recommend anyone to live here…but…..Is it just what I’m looking for…..or is it something that is forced upon my world by my location? Wow, I digress…….communication is built by our technology/entertainment and human contact & actual voices removed…..how can we THOROUGHLY be there for someone w/zeros & ones? Kudos on taking a break!!

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