Another Civil War, I Really Hope Not

America’s Civil War was a deadly conflict that cost our nation dearly. Families and friendships were torn apart during this time from 1861-1865. I am pretty sure some relationships never healed because of it. It appears from what I see is that we in the United States are as divided as that time in our history. It’s not geography but ideology, theology and political stands that have us separated. There were a lot of reasons why fought, you just can’t boil it down to one or two.

The cost was high but we found our way back together to fight other wars against enemies from other countries. Now we find ourselves in a similar situation. I am not sure what will come from it all I know is that if we are not careful, history will repeat itself and this time the damage will be more severe than any in memory. Unfortunately there are some folks who are still fighting the old war and that is another post for another day.

One Reply to “Another Civil War, I Really Hope Not”

  1. Every year as we drive south to Florida on the I 75 we pass through many of the areas where the big battles of the Civil War took place. I have read quite a few books on it as well inspired by this drive. The loss of life was horrendous. I certainly hope that history will not repeat itself.


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