To Those Of Other Faiths and Atheists

Everyone is welcome here who is a practicing believer of their faith and those who have chosen not to believe. I am a member of the Episcopal branch of the Jesus movement and in my faith tradition I am encouraged to love my neighbor as myself and that neighbor is someone who might be different from me and we are all trying to figure this thing called life out. People are people fundamentally and when people choose to believe they do so with fear and trembling and I could say the same for those who have chosen not to believe. However I have found that non-Christians and non-believers to be some of the best people who reflect what Jesus was talking about. Good Samaritans, good neighbors, good humanitarians. Perhaps there is more in common there than we think. So my Hindu, Buddhist, Shinto, Muslim, Jewish and Atheist friends you are all welcome here. Grace and peace to you all. Keep on rocking in the free world!

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