Holy, Not Holier Than Thou

Friends, I seek to be as holy as I can be as a human being. I do not strive to be holier than thou. Trust me I am not perfect and I make my own share of mistakes. Please believe me I want to paint the best possible picture of a person who follows their faith without diminishing others faith. I think its important to keep things in perspective that we are all flawed no matter if we have faith or not. I love you all as my blogging community and its my goal to show you what being holy is without self righteousness or arrogance. Trust me not every person of faith is better than you but we are working on being better people just like you.

Most believers like me are doing the best they can. With help from the divine we can get there. But we must remember to never be Holier than the next guy or gal just trying to make it in this crazy world.

2 thoughts on “Holy, Not Holier Than Thou”

  1. Anyone who is trying to be kind, fair … a humanitarian … is above reproach, in my book. It does not matter what religion, what ethnicity, race or anything else … just as long as you care about others and treat everyone well. Just my two cents worth. 🙂


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