Technology Frustration, A First World Problem

With all the tech we have in our lives it can generate a level of frustration when your devices doesn’t work like its supposed to. Simple things such as maintenance can be a major ordeal. I was replacing printer ink cartridges today and now my printer won’t work. I have gone online to see what could be happening but nothing I have found is helping me. This first world problem is very real. All I want to do is to print stuff. Arrrg!

5 thoughts on “Technology Frustration, A First World Problem”

  1. I can re-build a computer with few problems, but when it comes to printers … they are my nemeses! Mine currently is not working … it keeps saying it is out of paper, then it spits forth a blank sheet, then tells me to add paper. There is plenty of paper in it, but apparently it cannot find it. Sigh. I would just break down and buy a new printer, but I just bought two complete sets of cartridges for this one! I feel your pain!


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