Tale As Old As Time, Beauty And The Beast

Beauty and The Beast is a classic Disney animated movie from 1991. Fast forward to 2017 where it’s made into a live action film with another all-star cast featuring Harry Potter actress Emma Watson and Downton Abbey actor Dan Stevens. It is faithful for the most part to the original movie but needs CGI magic to make this movie dance. The music is quite good as one would expect.

I was impressed with the level of talent this movie brings. I am always curious about movies set in France where the characters speak in a British/English accent but that is for another post. There is something special about this remake and you will be pleasantly surprised by the movies action and drama. Speaking of action there is quite a bit of intense scenes where there is violence so be wary.

This movie is a tale as old as time it’s about love, friendship and fighting ones fears and even prejudice.

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