Living Faith Instead Of Boasting About It

It doesn’t bother me that mentions of faith are edited out of media or commerce or culture. What does bother me is when believers don’t reflect faith, grace, empathy, sympathy and peace that Jesus displayed throughout his ministry. Imposing ones faith on someone isn’t cool but inspiring them to embrace it is very cool. Perhaps if those who profess faith would really live it instead of just boasting about it more people would find it attractive. I learned the hard way that trying to force someone to believe something isn’t going to make them believe it, most times its to the contrary.

7 thoughts on “Living Faith Instead Of Boasting About It”

  1. Perfectly said Tony. I’ve found that the people who are the loudest at proclaiming their faith, are also the most judgmental, and hypocritical. I have these neighbors who as long as I’ve known them, have proclaimed what good Catholics they are, yet they’re bigoted, homophobic and racist. I believe in Jesus and God, but I don’t go forcing it down people’s throats. I listen to people like this and can’t help thinking they’re going to get a heck of a shock when they pass on!


      1. I totally understand that! But just one thing you have to understand, Christianity isn’t about being perfect, although some Christians may make it seem like that. Christianity is all about looking to CHRIST, looking at the life he lived, of LOVE, not religion, not hate. He actually said “true religion is this: to visit orphans and widows in their distress and keep unstained from the world.” How wrong so many Christians have it these days! Pray for these Christians who have it so wrong & share the true love with them! I know it my past, I had such a wrong view of God cause I’ve been hurt by people or wasn’t listening to the truth. My blog I just recently started is all about that! My experiences growing up and how I learned about God more and more. I just wrote a post about it “Before and Now”, it’d be great if you could check it out! Thanks so much 😊


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