An Easter Commentary

To me Jesus was not a throne sort of guy. A man who spent his ministry in the streets taking care of the least of these was not about having a royal attitude. He spent a lot of time going against the establishment and bringing people together. He was a savior but he was also lover of people who were on the fringes and even the people who were non-religious too. In the world we live today we need less king and more every person.

On this Easter we celebrate a man who rose from the dead but before then He taught the world how to live and to love and that is something his believers have forgotten.

4 Replies to “An Easter Commentary”

  1. I jave spent the last three days driving up home (Ontario) from South Florida on the I75. I gave you a wave as I passed the exit for Chattanooga Tony. Anyway I listened to the BBC and NPR for most of the trip. Yes the news is grim from many parts of the world. Today I heard many mentions of the Pope’s speech and message and his plea for peace. I was reminded of how far we have come from that original message of love and forgiveness. It seems you were thinking he same. Thank you for this post.


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