Safe Creative Spaces For Dreaming and Doing

We need a world of safety and security for those who just wanna be their authentic selves. Kids who wanna have pink hair and purple shoes while walking hand in hand down the hallway with a good friend. A person who would rather read poetry and paint a masterpiece than to play a sport. They need the support of a community to achieve their dreams in the same way athletes have been supported for years. Visual and performing artists are in schools right now creating and making things that will inspire and comfort us all. They need to make their living pursuing their dreams so that our world will indeed be a better place. Dreaming requires a place for doing and making things happen.

One thought on “Safe Creative Spaces For Dreaming and Doing”

  1. I totally agree. People have, for some (inexplicable and odd?) reason, consistently valued things that produce injuries and anxiety (sports, boxing, etc,) rather that things that produce joy and spirituality (music, art, etc.) Anyone who doubts this, just look at where society puts the big money. I am hoping for a 21st century paradigm shift 🙂


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