This Is My Blog, Not Facebook

My blog is my blog and I won’t have any sort of arguments in the comments in my posts. This is not Facebook. My posts are my opinions and everything I write comes from my heart and head. I reserve the rights to shut off comments and to delete them too if it warrants it. Trolls seem to be out there wanting to make life hard for people online.

Friends I feel very deeply and conflict is something I am so not comfortable with. A post I wrote about The Children of Manchester somehow became the focus of a back and forth argument between two bloggers. One blogger also had issues with what I said in my post and you know I don’t mind a little criticism here and there but not when it puts into doubt my intelligence and understanding of the issues of the day I am not cool with that.

Well, I have a lot invested in my blog and this is my digital home so I won’t be moved or discouraged from speaking my mind.

Oh by the way I am a liberal and this blog is very left-of-center so you know what you are getting here.

10 thoughts on “This Is My Blog, Not Facebook”

  1. I just read your previous post and I was about to say that I’m surprised it elicited something strong…but then you’re right, there’s the potential for someone to say something negative anytime online. I liked both posts and wanted to say thanks for sharing your thoughts as well as what happened as a result.

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  2. Just keep being you, Tony. Don’t worry about the trolls or haters. It’s not you, it’s them. They aren’t happy with themselves. Don’t give them a second of your time anymore and they’ll move on. They get a rise out of making people upset and causing drama. It upsets them when you ignore them. They move on to someone else.

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  3. I’m rereading your other post and I didn’t see anything wrong with it. It’s your blog and you have a write to censor comments you don’t approve of. The thing is that those that disagree can write their own blogs.

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