Support Local Food On The Road

When you are on vacation support local restaurants when you can. There are great places to eat in many vacation locations and you get a great deal too. Get on Yelp or Google and you can find some great places. There might be some good deals on Groupon too. The one thing about eating local you can experience something new and you contribute to the local economy. Eat well, eat local.

4 thoughts on “Support Local Food On The Road”

  1. Tony I was just thinking the same thing. Evelina and I are on vacation at the beach and this morning I go out and see the parking lots of IHOP and Bob Evans are pack. Meanwhile there are 100 mom-and-pop breakfast places in Myrtle Beach that are awesome. But so many people go to chains and miss out on local fair.

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      1. Absolutely. It kills me to see Red Lobster and TGIF’s lots full when there are so many great local restaurants whose food puts chain food to shame. I’ll never understand why someone drives from Ohio, for instance, to the eastcoast to eat dinner at Applebee’s.


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