LA LA Land, The City of Stars


I am late to the party on this movie but its truly amazing. Fantastic dialogue, music and dancing. A modern musical made awesome. Emma Stone and Ryan Gossling are electric together. We need more meet-cute romantic flicks like this that are throwbacks to an earlier time. Movies should say something and this one does. It’s all about The City of Stars.

3 thoughts on “LA LA Land, The City of Stars”

  1. I watched the film a couple months ago on the plane back to LA, and I enjoyed it. Besides being charming, “La La Land” certainly gave me all the more reason to explore my hometown upon return.


  2. I love this film. My husband and I have seen it twice when it was in the theatres. It has some wonderful old school film work ( lighting, camera etc) and the two stars are marvelous. we both would like to see it again.


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