Another Rant About Political Correctness, It’s Necessary

Political correctness exists because some people have been excluded from opportunities and that certain groups continue to be viewed with prejudice and hate. There is a lack of kindness, politeness and courtesy that requires a shift of mindset on a societal level. In a perfect world political correctness would not have to be a thing. Being kind and polite would be natural and organic. But as long as women, minorities along with religious and racial communities continue to get the short end of the stick and face a real struggle and hate then we need political correctness. 

3 thoughts on “Another Rant About Political Correctness, It’s Necessary

  1. Crystal P (snowlessknitter) says:

    Our sociopolitical environment these days has gotten very vitriolic, and certain people in charge think that we’re being too nice and that being politically correct (a term so loaded these days that I think the term itself is now becoming “politically INcorrect”) means that we’ve sanitized our language and way of thinking. Different sides of the spectrum are trying to deploy their own version of groupthink and it’s all at the cost at showing dignity and kindness towards others, even those not like us. I have a saying towards the conservative side that I like to use, but I don’t want to swear here, so I’ll have to clean it up a bit: “Being a conservative *does not* give you the right to be an a-hole.”. The liberal side (and I will admit I am liberal myself) doesn’t get off scot-free either, as I think they’ve contributed to a lot of the sanitization of our language and nature of discussing controversial issues.

    Personally, I believe in trying to show dignity to everyone, and that includes religious and ethnic minorities and that also includes women. And that means *not* calling them by slurs or disparaging terms. We’re all human and deserve to be treated as equal members of the human race. And if some bigoted brat thinks that’s being “politically correct”, so sue me.


  2. Wendy says:

    As a woman, I have to confess that I don’t understand what the big deal is. I, personally have never felt discriminated against, made to feel less, or excluded from anything. Maybe it’s because my attitude, persistency, and tenacity would never let it be so. I’ve never allowed myself to be a victim. My brightest moments have been with my teams of Hispanic loan officers who all worked together to be the #1 team in my company and received all the same accolades, maybe more than other teams because of their heritage. I think political correctness stifles free expression. I’d like to know who the jerks in life are, so I can defeat them. Free speech, unhindered speech reveals the true person, and I’d like to believe that they will get shut down because they will get revealed sooner.
    The liars, cheats, and phony hide behind political correctness, and manipulate from there. I’d like to see some of those phonies unmasked. Empower everyone to be overcomers, and eliminate victim mentality so that all can walk free and empowered.
    Good post. Thanks for letting me say my 2 cents.


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