Flower, Weed, Both

Every person has the capability to be a beautiful flower but they can also be a weed that chokes other flowers. I admit I have the ability to be both a flower and a weed at the same time or alternating between the two. People are very complex like that and require an enormous amount of grace and understanding. Our situations dictate what we are going to be at any given time. God (or ones higher power) has love for both the flower and the weed and that should give comfort to us all. Often times when getting rid of weeds you also get rid of flowers too.

It should also mean that the weeds in ones life have a purpose and are worthy of the love of someone who looks like a rose. No matter what you are at this time weed or flower know that there are others who are just like you and know that you are valued and needed. There are bigger plans for each of us than we realize. One day we will all be flowers although some of us will have a few thorns too.

Refer to Matthew 13:24-30

4 thoughts on “Flower, Weed, Both

  1. Caution District says:

    I literally just studied that verse in bible study. I think it’s really coincidental that you just posted about it. But anyway I think you may have accidentally twisted the meaning of the parable in your interpretation.

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