In The Comments

It’s a good practice to not get worked up about what some people say in the comments. However a well meaning response to a post can be taken seriously wrong by people who think they know more about something than you. I responded to an article about two people leaving a TV show and my comments were not met with a great deal of understanding. If I have learned a lesson here is that I am overly sensitive and maybe I need a thicker skin. Aren’t there more important things to get worked up about?

2 thoughts on “In The Comments

  1. dancingpalmtrees says:

    I understand your sensitivity. I don’t own or watch TV however my blog does delve into race relations. The comments did make me angry however I’m still going to discuss racism and discrimination but I don’t Allow comments anymore. Actually I have begun to Close Comments for most of my posts because I really don’t feel like getting into mindless stupid arguments. For those who disagree Just Unsubscribe or UnFollow. I’m not stuck on numbers of Followers or expanding my audience. As a writer I’m called to bring the sword and that’s what I do.

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