Waking Up Is Hard On You

I woke up this morning around 4:30, a good hour and a half earlier than I normally begin my wake up routine. Really I tried just trying to relax but to no avail. The daily grind of getting up and getting ready for the day is kind of mundane but something that grown up people have to do (not saying I am a conventional grown up have you) but you get what I am saying here. As I write this I am wondering what its going to be like around 2:30 PM today when my four or so hours of sleep start revisiting me. They make coffee for situations like this, right?

Some days waking up is hard on you and its hard to do. Bah!

One thought on “Waking Up Is Hard On You”

  1. That’s how I’ve felt lately because my neighbors are noisily up at four. I wonder why they chose an upstairs apartment knowing their work schedule? Carry on my friend.


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