Life, Liberty and Happiness for ALL

I work with and have people of color who are friends. I am friends with LGBTQ people too. So I have a interest in their well being to have full access and rights of citizenship and to enjoy life, liberty and happiness. No one should live in fear because of hatred. In the twenty first century we are looking at repeating the history that did great harm to many. This is troubling and sad.

5 thoughts on “Life, Liberty and Happiness for ALL

  1. Laura Beth says:

    Agreed. My department director mentioned the other day that she is taking an international student visiting from Italy to an outdoor concert this coming weekend. After what happened in Charlottesville, her first thoughts were, “Will the concert have concrete barriers, in case someone decides to ram their car into the crowd? Do I really want to risk bringing him to this public event?” It’s all incredibly sad.


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