My Dark Web Mood

I am into the dark web…not the nefarious hackers and that sort of thing but my current style of wanting a darker but I hope not depressing appearance. Lately my personal preferences gravitates toward having dark backgrounds with white/light fonts on my computer desktop, blog and twitter feeds. It does set the mood I must say.

I am running the Xubuntu Linux operating system with a lot of light on dark theming.
I changed my blog theme again to something darker that clean and eye-catching.
I am using the new “night-light” function on my Twitter feed full-time.

My preferences have something to do with my eyesight and also to just set a more serious mood. The lighter stuff I find hard to look at after a while. It’s my hope that the reader will enjoy it and find it easy on their eyes as I find it on mine. After all the reader is what is most important here.

2 thoughts on “My Dark Web Mood”

  1. I like dark themes too. I enjoy being out at nights. I think it is because I grew up in the county looking at the stars and moon. I also had a night shift job for four years. The one thing that gave me peace was going outside at break and looking at the stars. I find nights peaceful. Love your theme.

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