Dreamers In America #DACA

Martin Luther King, Jr. had a dream for a better America. Today those who are Dreamers are now fearing about an uncertain future. There are a lot of reasons to be saddened today because these people have lived here most of their lives and have invested in America. DACA (Defered Action for Childhood Arrivals) paved a way for young people who came to America with their parents to remain in this country. These people have made a life and they have made a contribution in so many ways.

Immigration reform has been a challenge for years but its a problem that must have an answer. Unfortunately its an issue that has been punted from one administration to another. Because of inaction 800,000 people have to put their plans on hold until something is done. No one should face this sort of fear no matter what, America is better than this.

7 thoughts on “Dreamers In America #DACA

  1. LydiaA1614 says:

    I put a like on this post because of your writing, not the topic. Here in Canada, we are getting “illegal immigrants” walking into Quebec every single day. They are “arrested” and then let go. The reason they are coming and doing it illegally is that the American government isn’t giving them a choice. But to find out that the government is also going after people who have grown up there and made lives for themselves seems a little too nasty.

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  2. A Foreigner Everywhere... A Local Anywhere says:

    I had to leave the US because of the immigration policies (or lack of). I’ve reached a point where I couldn’t get a working permit despite of several of job offers and the insistence of organizations in ‘finding’ ways. I am not a DREAMER, their situation is much much much worst. They are being denied documents from the place they call home, it is inhuman. DACA just reflects how broke the US immigration system is. Even though the US is where I call home, I could just continue working abroad, but it was hard hit… so I can’t imagine how the dreamers are feeling. I was devastated when I heard about the news, being deprived from ‘home’ is the worst thing someone could be put trough. I really hope congress does something to stop this inhuman act

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    • Tony Burgess says:

      Make the world your home and you will never be a stranger. I am sorry about your woes in regards to US immigration. It is indeed broken. Do good where ever you may be because good is needed everywhere. Thanks for the follow!


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