Taking Knees

I took a couple of knees for my faith at church this morning. I’m glad that there is freedom in this country to take knees of conscious and protest when people are suffering and oppressed. Flags and anthems are never more important than the people. Without the people everything else is meaningless. I’m for peace, equality, life, liberty and happiness for all. Anything else is unacceptable.

6 thoughts on “Taking Knees”

  1. My opinion on the NFL – I believe in freedom speech, most of us do. But I also believe in decorum and a time and place for everything – a football field during your National Anthem is NOT the correct venue. These overpaid though highly athletic men become idols for children and adults alike, they should limit their political ideas to their private lives. It is confusing how they defy the flag and the anthem, but will applaud a serviceman who fights for it. My son died a Marine and I personally take their actions as a slap on his memory and all others that fought under that flag.


    1. Most of those over paid men come from poverty where the people in their neighborhoods are stuck in poverty. The criminal justice system does not work for them all the time. They are taking a stand by taking a knee. I respect your service and those of others so the freedoms to protest peacefully are available. Thanks for your feedback my friend.


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