Something About Work

People matter on the job. The work we do runs the world. What we do for a living is not our entire identity but for some its their trademark. How much we make should not define who we are or the type of person we are. Everyone has a role to play and a job to do so for the world to keep running we have to keep things going.

I take pride in excelling in my work. What I do is a important part of saving lives. Today I was reminded of the fact that what I do is valuable and I am valuable on the job.

Whatever you do matters whether to earn a paycheck or to offer your services from the heart.

6 thoughts on “Something About Work

  1. Hey Tony…
    I have a question for you about donating blood…I tried and left you a message on your Instagram but never heard back from you…
    My question is… can someone with an autoimmune disorder like Lupus give blood???… I also have other health issues but if you know or can get me a number so I can call and ask questions I would so appreciate it ….
    Thank you


      1. Hey Tony!!!…
        Don’t be sorry…I understand… : )
        That would be great…Like I said I do have other autoimmune illnesses so a phone number would be great…or you could make a blog post about donating blood information for all….Just an idea…lol…
        OK I will get back with ya…
        Thank you again

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