Stay Strong Sisters

Women have worked hard to get where they are in life. As a man I want the women in my life and around the world to determine their own fate and to make a living in which they can support themselves and those they love. No man has a right to keep a woman under his thumb or to harm a woman in any way. What we are seeing out of Hollywood and yes even Washington DC is that some men feel they can get away with being monsters to those under their supervision or to people they perceive are weaker than them. It’s the 21st Century and we should be way past this now. But alas it still happens and we are not greater for it. Women should be fierce and roar and all the things they want to be.

Stay strong sisters, stay strong.

5 thoughts on “Stay Strong Sisters

  1. Tony you are missing it. The heartland. I had good friends from Saint Louis and the husband was firmly convinced that no woman could beat a man, that women were not as capable or as smart as a man. It was what he learned and what his kids were taught. I have met a lot of people here on the west coast of Florida who really do think women are a lower class. Don’t get me started on religions that make a wife subservient to her husband. A story from only a few years ago. I had a wonderful day bed with trundle and it was for sale. A woman came to me to buy it. She paid for it, and I was delivering it when her husband asked what was going on. HE looked at her and basically dressed her down in front of us for buying something with out his permission. He then thanked us and told me that his wife was not interested in the daybed. I was steaming, not from the loss of the sale but to the way he was treating her as property. So this thinking is alive and flourishing in the USA. Be well. Hugs


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