The Cool Thing About Blogging

There are many things that are cool about blogging but I enjoy seeing how you all live your lives and enjoy the things you are passionate about. I think that is what this medium does very well is that we can share things about ourselves, where we live and what drives us. We get to see what the weather is in other parts of the world or a new grandchild being born, a new recipe that has really become a family favorite, what new outfit we are wearing these days. Of course there is the opportunity to share the stuff we are going through and to seek advice when things are not easy and we are struggling. This is the one thing that keeps us connected and are the ties that bind. I find everyday peoples stories and lives more fascinating than those who are famous. Heck we are all famous on the web.

My friends your story is important. Keep on blogging for all the good it can do.

5 thoughts on “The Cool Thing About Blogging”

  1. You are so right! I’m uncomfortable blogging about myself, but I so enjoy reading about others. It’s opened my eyes to how much diversity there is in the world, but that, deep down we are all humans, and often have similar tales to tell. 🙂

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