5 thoughts on “Free Speech Can Be Wrong Expression

  1. Hello Tony. I can agree with you about the intimidation part, but not on speech. Speech is words, not actions. if we start letting people decided what is OK to speak and what is to be banned, we end up banning speech based on who might be offended. History has shown that when one group gets a chance they will ban any talk that doesn’t support their position. It also means that if we keep banning things that offend, some day they will try to ban something that is not offensive to you, but maybe to others. Now actions or words that threaten or try to incite harmful actions should be limited and depending on degree banned. Sort of how you can not incite a riot nor yell fire in a crowded theater.

    Tony the way to handle disagreeable speech is to protest in a manner that is public and lets people know your feelings with out blocking the speech or threatening harm to others your self. Then using your right to speech to present your case. That way all is heard and different points expressed and people get a chance to learn. Hugs


    1. Recently our campus brought in a white supremacist to speak to any student who wanted to listen in a huge auditorium. By the rules of the university they couldn’t do anything about it since the group was part of the university and had rented a room etc. Although the white supremacist’s speech was nonviolent, there are many hate groups that use his words and theories to perpetuate violence. So in a way, he incites violence by creating a way in which people believe they can justify their violent actions.

      I personally don’t believe this should be allowed anywhere especially on a college campus. But a lot of people use the freedom of speech argument as to why the white supremacist should have space to speak. I think it’s okay to have different views on politics but this seems to go beyond politics in that it’s an argument to determine whether blacks should be perceived as equal or as “human” to whites.

      I’m just curious but what are your thoughts on this particular issue with regards to bringing a white supremacist to speak on a college campus?

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      1. The message of white supremacists is one based of fear and ultimately a desire to in my mind do harm to those who are in the minority. Ultimately they want to use any means necessary to keep what is in their mind their place in society and to oppress and harm those who they see are less than them. This is a symptom of a very bad disease America has and the cure is something that will take effort to administer.


      2. Hello Keira. Let them speak. Then refute everything they say with speakers of your own. You say it is ok to have different views, yet you wouldn’t ever hear different views if you ban or regulate free speech to the point where a subject is not allowed to be talked about. There are things today we talk about that were not allowed to be expressed in years before. It was by talking about them and hearing other sides we changed our minds and perceptions. I think of the anti-propagation laws in the Russian backed areas ( and in Russia it self. ) that ban even the mention of anything positive about gay people. This is why free speech , even that we may find offensive is necessary. You may find a subject to be non offensive, yet if allowed another group may want it banned. Soon nothing can be discussed.
        One last thought. If a collage can not be a place of different ideas and great discussions, where can these things be thought out. Schools are to broaden the mind and experience, not narrow it. I wish you well in school. I hope you can see the need to have free speech and the ability to counter with your own free speech. be well. Hugs

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      3. Oh I did forget to answer your thought that speech is equal to violence. No it is not. Saying aids patients should be removed from society is disgusting and narrow minded. However it is not violence. Going out and removing aids patients by assaulting or killing them is.
        Those that preach killing gay people are not responsible for the death of Mathew Sheppard, the men who killed and tortured him are. We have changed that idea to make sure it is not acceptable as it once was by free speech. Thank you. Hugs

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