Just A Note About Posting About My Faith

If you are new here know that I am a man of faith and I do consider myself religious. However I am not a person who will impose what I believe on anyone. There are times when you see a church or faith post here. Sharing is what I believe in but you have to make up your own mind. You won’t see any Bible thumping here. My philosophy is that God is in a lot of places in and lot of people and that is good enough for me.

Love one another as my creator loves me. Sounds like a good place to start.

4 thoughts on “Just A Note About Posting About My Faith

  1. I take the same approach with my non-religiousness as well. I’ll talk about it if you ask, but I’m not one to impose my beliefs on others either. Tolerance and acceptance helps to make for a more peaceful world.

    I think of all the friends I’ve had over the years, I think only one or two were also nonreligious/atheist/agnostic/humanist/whatever. Most of my friends are Christian/Catholic, but I’ve had friends of other religious persuasions as well. One of my best friends is a polytheistic pantheist/neopagan, another close friend of mine in high school was raised as a Messianic Jew, and I had classmates of all sorts of religious affiliations. It took time for me to learn to be tolerant of others who were believers when I was brand new to my atheism (I quietly and privately converted from non-baptized Baptist when I was 16; meaning, I attended church, but I was never baptized), but once I did, it’s an approach I take to heart. I now take a live and let live approach to religion, and I’m glad you take a similar approach, too. I think for someone of any or no faith, it’s perfectly okay to write or talk about your own personal experiences, but when one starts to try and forcefully convert or coerce others into converting without really feeling it in their hearts, then that’s where problems arise.


  2. I am absolutely with you on this stand, Tony. I have a faith I’d not trade for a million thousand anythings. I didn’t create it or recreate it, I live it and am much more content in my relationship with my God than I’ve ever been before. I can’t imagine NOT having Him to hang on to. Life is pretty crazy and He’s super amazing.


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