10 thoughts on “Comments”

  1. If you as a question, it does help. I often feel like I have nothing to add to what someone says. So asking prompts conversation, which makes me more likely to comment.


  2. I don’t know to be honest, sometimes I get some, sometimes I don’t. Writing directly to your readers, asking easy-to-answer questions, as others have suggested should prompt a few responses. x


  3. Hmm I don’t know how to get more but I’ve noticed people will reply to questions or thoughts I’ve had in a blog post. People respond to pictures too! I think anything that engages the reader in conversation and says hey I want to hear what you think too is good. I also speak from experience with not knowing what to comment on something, if there’s a question prompt I’ll likely comment but if not sometimes I struggle because I want to say more than “good post!” even if I think that!


  4. Well, it seems my suggestion has already been commented….several times haha. But, yes, asking questions at the end of your posts helps a lot! Simply asking for your reader’s opinion will often gauge a response. Hope that helps!


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