Veteran’s Day Reflection

I believe in honoring the sacrifice of human beings in defense of people not a flag or an anthem or anything like that. When people wear the uniform of their country they are standing watch over those who need protecting. You can disagree with me on this but we should value people and freedom for all citizens over objects. Honor a veteran today because they served and sacrificed and to me that is what is most worth celebrating.

4 thoughts on “Veteran’s Day Reflection

  1. As a veteran in peacetime I feel those that came before me serving in war time paved the way for the very peace I was able to serve in. I do not think the US should be in every conflict. However every conflict we engage in for the better nature of humanity we damn well should enter to win. That will take giving at home as well as on the battlefield. Hugs


  2. I have many vets who were never in harms way. Then I have many one actually were in harms way. It confuses me why we say to both thanks for your service. One lost a limb and the other drank a lot of beer. A strange problem to state the least.


    1. Here is the way to think on that. The ones who served in war time paved the way for those who served in peacetime to do so. But the fact is even those who served in peacetime were by their service willing to put their lives and limbs at risk for the american people and their rights. Hugs


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