5 thoughts on “Facebook And Opinions”

  1. I’m fairly certain my neighbors began avoiding me when I posted something political.
    I agree with you about the odd interaction opportunities it introduces. FB is a dinner party everyone in your life might show up to, and the worst combinations of your acquaintances accidentally sit by each other.

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  2. That’s why in my “Political Beliefs” section, I was honest about where I stand politically (and selected “Liberal (politics)” rather than “Democrat”, so that I’m more in line with a philosophy rather than a party), but expressly wrote that I was not gonna be posting anything political on my timeline (I mainly use FB to keep in contact with old friends and I have no family members friended on there whatsoever). I prefer to keep political discussions within the Facebook messenger, and I have one friend that I message pretty frequently whenever I want to vent about politics (we’re both liberal, but I’d say he’s even more liberal than I am). I’d rather discuss things intelligently one-on-one than start a flame war publicly. Same on Tumblr.

    It’s all about management for me.

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  3. My opinion? FB sucks… it’s basically a platform used by faceless cowards to slander and abuse those who differ in opinion or are weaker!
    Have you noticed how vocal atheists are on FB? Spew hatred, that’s all they seem to do!


  4. I do not use FB, but I do have a blog and twitter. I do not believe in sacred cows. I feel we need to be able to address important things with others, especially if we disagree with them. The problem most people have is they can not embrace the idea of “agree to disagree”. As an openly gay man I know I have changed many minds by letting people ask me questions, and talking to them about being gay they had no one else to ask. Some of those are weird , intrusive, and sometimes embarrassing because the people simply don’t understand how personal some questions are. However talking is not shouting, being insulting, demanding others agree with your view point.
    Think how many things pass us by , important things, because we are afraid to talk about them with others we know. Hugs

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