2 thoughts on “Dogs Love Thanksgiving Too”

  1. Good Advice. We had a rescued greyhound who was formerly a racer. Such love and devotion, plus she was so smart. When we ate she was not to be in the room and she knew this. I do not like a dog begging from the table. However she would wait in the doorway or where she could see into the room. We always made her a small plate from the left overs and she knew we would do so and not forget her, so she was content to wait. One thanksgiving in the mid 1990’s we ate then fixed a plate for her and boy she enjoyed it. She let us know how happy she was. We have always been grateful for giving her that treat, because you see she was rather old and that next morning she suffered a heart attack and died in our bedroom. It was so sudden we did not even have time to do more than rush to her from the bed. SHe gave out one loud yip and put her head down and was gone. We are grateful for the many years we had with her and the way she loved us, as we loved and cared for her. We always think fondly on her last thanksgiving dinner. Hugs

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