Life seems to be so overcomplicated these days. Too many pitfalls among other things that make our existence even more difficult. Drama with friends, family and the world doesn’t help. I am thinking that we need to simplify and take the complexity out of life. Simple stories with some predictability is kind of nice but even simplicity takes work. How do we take our overcomplicated world and try to make sense of it all. A tough question.

7 thoughts on “Overcomplicated”

  1. I agree to what you say. Its not always we can go with the flow with this fast moving world. But if we keep moving with the flow with what we can do, life becomes less stressful and simple. To listen to one’s heart is the best way I believe. As the heart knows what we need and how best we need to go about it. Many Blessings 🙂 ❤


  2. Tony, in reality I don’t think we can take the complexity out of life. It would nice for things to be easy, simple but it is not life. But for me the question is this, even when things don’t make sense can I feel okay not having to understand it all for now?


  3. A very tough question. My over complication is often of my own doing. Each day I vow to start over and simplify. Talk about your Groundhog Day. Oh well, keeps me occupied and otherwise out of trouble.


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