One Year With The Google Pixel XL

I love this phone and what its done to make my connection with family and friends better. This is also a great creative too to post to my blog and social media. Proud to be an Android guy.

3 thoughts on “One Year With The Google Pixel XL

  1. blogmomrocks2 says:

    I’m an android person myself. I have the Samsung Galaxy S7 (I prefer a flat phone…not the Edge version or the Samsung Galaxy s8, etc. However, I have been eying up the one that you have. The only thing I wish that it had, was a headphone jack for when you want to listen to my music app…not unless you get a piece for it, but in all reality, I don’t use the headphone jack feature much on this phone I have now, so this will probably be my next phone…but I have only had this phone for a little less than a year now as it is, so you never know what will be out then. (lol! Sorry, I like to look at specifications and reviews when it comes to things like this. lol!)

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