Daily Prompt: One-Way

Some streets are one-way, meaning there is traffic that goes in one direction. For some there is only one-way to do something. In both situations there is little choice but to go with the flow. In a world full of choice and option some find one-way a comfort and perhaps holding on to the past. Life also has one-way or another of leveling things out and making people take notice of how narrow they are thinking. One-way is not always the best way.

via Daily Prompt: One-Way

One thought on “Daily Prompt: One-Way”

  1. I remember once I went the wrong way on a one way. A long time ago I was the driver for a doctor. He made house calls. We got a distress call and I took the shortest route to the mans apartment. Now I am in a regular car and zip up a one way street to deposit the doc at the apartment. He goes upstairs and I sit in the car. Up comes a police car. They saw me going the wrong way. They thanked me for the kid the doc was seeing was the son of their captain. Crazy but true.

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