Something About Being Cynical

I’m rarely a cynical person, I try to be positive in many things. However the climate we live in is making us all suspicious and stopping to ask hard questions. We see bad things happening all the time and we have become jaded and see the world for what it’s becoming instead of what it can be. My hope for the future is a return to idealism and dreams without the doubts and negative space.

4 thoughts on “Something About Being Cynical”

  1. I think it is good to have balance between what is and what can become. What is…well everyday I take more time with people, poetry, beauty etc, than the news. I am able to stay more positive and get through rough waters with the reality of ‘what is’ when focusing on the great aspects of what is. That way it is not empty optimism… it is what is with a deliberate focus. 🙂

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