Big Bang Theory Series Finale – Thank You For Twelve Great Seasons #bigbangtheory


After twelve seasons The Big Bang Theory concludes its run tonight on CBS TV. The show is a family favorite and has produced its own cultural buzz as other shows that came before it. The difference here is that it advanced nerd culture and science as being something special, worth while and accessible. It showed how this quirky, diverse group of people became family.

This show also exposed people to so many fascinating people who were smart in their own sort of way and brought you into a the world of nerds that is awesome. Beautifully it unraveled the mystery of how people, space, knowledge and time if allowed to grow and develop can become something fascinating and wonderful.

I will miss this show very much because it gave me a little hope that the heart and the mind can operate as one. It all started with that Big Bang.

The Free Press Of America A Right and Responsibility


Freedom of the press is a venerated right in America. To deny well established media organizations from participating in the reporting of the days events of our government is frankly un-American. It doesn’t matter if its liberal or conservative the press should have full access to our leaders outside of revealing state secrets. The Trump administration is showing they don’t care about making us great but making us ignorant.

TV and Profanity

badlanguageWatching a movie with a modest amount of profanity on basic cable TV is kind of funny when they edit the profanity out. Yeah I am still a fan of regular cable TV and have not cut the cord yet primarily because of over the air signals are hard to get where I live. So when you watch a movie that has curse words and even tasteful nudity edited out it is almost comical. I guess it’s what you have to do to show some movies to a wider audience. I have thought about swearing and think it’s OK if you are showing extreme emotion but if it’s used in a way that it becomes just something to say because the writer couldn’t figure out something else to say then it loses it’s intended effect. It’s really surprising what doesn’t surprises us these days. Cussing on TV is one of those things that has made us a little desensitized to the whole world of profanity.

Dammit, I forgot to use an actual curse word in this whole post on profanity! How dare me.

AT&T to buy Time Warner in media mega-deal – Oct. 22, 2016 – CNN Money

AT&T and Time Warner have agreed to an $85 billion deal — one of the biggest media tie-ups ever.The move, announced Saturday evening, will help AT&T expand beyond wireless and Internet service into programming. Time Warner is the parent of CNN, TNT, HBO, the Warner Bros. studio, and other channels and websites. AT&T to buy Time Warner in media mega-deal – Oct. 22, 2016

This move caught me off guard. Granted I wasn’t looking for it though. AT&T and TimeWarner are two of America’s largest distribution and media companies. I am not sure this is good for competition or for diversity in opinions. We will have to see how this shakes out or even gets approval by the federal government. AT&T recently bought DirecTV and TimeWarner was bought by AOL years ago and spun AOL off to independent operation. Again, wow, this is huge!

Music Monday: The Voice 2015 Jordan Smith – Semifinals: “Somebody to Love”

Jordan Smith slayed in the last season of “The Voice” in every performance he did. The popular reality competition show returns tonight to US Television on NBC. Smith’s rendition of Queen’s “Somebody To Love” was the performance in my mind that clinched it for him in season 9. This season always has a bit of mystery and excitement.