Strange And Sad Days Indeed

Today has been a combination of observances the revolve around love and then there was another school shooting in Florida. Valentines Day, Ash Wednesday and violence acts have made this day a very sad and strange one. Love is love and love wins but on days when Christians begin the season of Lent and a day of romance has converged its quite unusual.

My heart is somber and sad and yes I am angry about the ending of innocent lives in yet another school. Why must things like happen, why? My friends we should hold our families and friends closer. Our prayers should come with action. Thoughts of changing things for real should take place.

Celebrating two things will come again when Easter and April Fools will be celebrated on the same day. Strange and sad days indeed.

One thought on “Strange And Sad Days Indeed”

  1. It was horrible hearing of that again. I read that friends of his heard him talking about what he was going to do and saw his gun collection! We do not need automatic weapons or any other guns in our homes.

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