Thursday is Teeth Day, Yay…Not!

Normally I would be jazzed about Thursday but today I am going to the dentist so it’s not that exciting. Getting my teeth fixed is necessary but the process is something I dread. Dentists are great at what they do and smart people but not everyone enjoys going to them. Maybe this will prompt me to take better care of my teeth or at least I think it should. I hate getting my mouth numbed but its better than the raw pain of drills, hooks, and the like.

This is not me but a funny representation.

All this belly aching sounds childish if you think about it but there is a kid in each of us who still hates going to the dentist. I’ll let you know how it goes today.

4 thoughts on “Thursday is Teeth Day, Yay…Not!”

  1. I’m not a big fan of the dentist either, but when I do go I don’t mind. Our dentist and his wife is our bff’s. We were neighbor’s, side by side when he was in dental school. We even got married on the same weekend (didn’t know that at the time). Found that little factoid out when we moved in next to them. We have been friends ever since, some 39 years ago. We’ve had our families together, been to weddings, graduations, funerals yadayadayada…It’s kind of a fun day. I mean if he hurts me (which he rarely does) I just grab his arm and scream and tell him to not hurt me. I hope all goes well for you at the dentist and if he hurts you, just scream and tell him to stop 😉 Be glad that we have dentist, they are kind of important as are your teeth ❤


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