8 thoughts on “Another Facebook Break”

  1. I keep my Facebook locked down like Fort Knox; I haven’t friended a whole lot of people, I have a policy of not friending family members or people close to my family (I’d probably make an exception for my sister-in-law, but that’s it), and I try to refrain from posting anything political or inflammatory on mine (and try to tune out similar posts from my friends’ feeds). Most of what I post on there is reposting memes and silly stuff. There are some social media sites where I’m more of an open book (like Ravelry and occasionally Tumblr), but in general I prefer to set up my own ground rules to follow when I’m on social media (I only message people I actually know through Facebook’s Messenger app and will delete or block any messages from people I don’t know, and am similarly strict with my Instagram DMs, although I have DM’d with a couple of people I know through Ravelry on there). It helps to preserve both my safety and my sanity.

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