The Mean Web

I have written before about how benign comments on the web can be flamed by people who seem to not have much positive to say or at least want to make a dialogue. It’s an all or nothing proposition as it comes to ones opinion. People like to live and write their truth but is harshness really necessary?

Perhaps when you blog from your heart instead of other places attached to your body you open yourself up to people who come from negative places. I am concerned about how younger users take the responses from older folks who come in blazing hot in their responses. We are seeing that with the Parkland shooting survivors. The advantage of being on a network is you have the bravado and security of saying whatever the hell you want with very little consequences but you know tragic things happen and they don’t have to.

4 thoughts on “The Mean Web”

  1. It is hard to reason rationally with those who use emotion as their argument. It is also very frustration to hold a discussion with those who are not educated on the subject yet make claims not backed up by data. To have a conversation in comments with someone who refuses to accept any news sources except their personal beliefs is a an exercise in futility. Hugs


  2. I raise my glass to you. It’s so sad sometimes. I was chatting with a friend recently on Facebook Messenger, and she was describing to me how these two women got into a horrendous fight in a private Facebook group, mainly due to racist comments. My friend felt her other friend was being unfairly attacked and targeted, so she stepped in and defended the girl who was in the right with the situation. My friend got kicked out of the group, which she shouldn’t have for defending her friend. But, I told her not to worry, that she did the right thing by stepping in and defending what was right, not being a bystander.

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