Oh Canada, My Refuge In My Dreams


I had a dream last night where I crossed the border into Canada without a passport or visa. Yep, I was an an undocumented visitor in the land of hockey, poutine and that swell Justin Trudeau. In this dream I was detained and was asked questions. Ultimately the authorities let me stay and even gave me some resources to make myself at home. Everything was taken care of.

Canada is a place I have always wanted to visit. In this dream I wanted refuge from America, a place that is becoming hard to live in for many. Perhaps it was about a fresh start or something like that, maybe I am reading too much into this. This is not the first time I have had dreams about Canada though.

Toronto, Winnipeg and Vancouver sound like interesting places. I hope that dream version of me landed in one of those cities. Oh Canada!

8 thoughts on “Oh Canada, My Refuge In My Dreams”

  1. Canada (well British Columbia anyway) is an awesome place to visit (I’ve been there many times), but it has it’s own set of issues. While I would love to move north, I’d go to Alaska myself and save the hassle of immigration, and all that jazz.


  2. Well I sure hope you’ll let me know if you come anywhere near Québec 😉 I’d sure enjoy giving you a little tour… And poutine is our thing 😛 hehehe


  3. hey, make it happen if it makes you and your wife happy.

    ummmm, t-man? Winnipeg is north of me and it’s cold here. you planning on being an eskimo???


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