Something About Having Joy

Joy is something everyone needs in life to make it better. Sure you have happiness and euphoria and bliss but joy is something that seems to be different, more meaningful. There is a old church song I have joy, joy, joy down in my heart and you know that is where it starts. Good things can come from the heart if we are inspired.

In this mean world we live in joy can be the salve that can heal burns and wounds. Joy can be infectious too. When you have joy people pick up on it and hopefully want what you got. I am giving you some joy today and I hope you will spread it around to your friends, family and strangers who desperately need some themselves.

Joy, Grace and Peace everyone, everywhere.

4 thoughts on “Something About Having Joy

  1. I just wrote a piece on this very thing, but it’ll be a guest post over at Christy’s blog — hopefully soon.

    Anyway, well said, Tony. Thank you for your uplifting words! Though, admittedly, I’m no so thankful for the earwig you just put in my head. I’ll be singing ♪♫ I’ve got the joy, joy, joy, joy down in my heart! WHERE? Down in my heart! WHERE? Down in my heart …. ♪♫ all blasted day! xox

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