Man At Work, Hard Work At That

On the job I work very hard in the beginning of my day to reach at least 75% of my daily goals. Granted my personal expectation is higher than what my supervisor demands. I want to set a good example. However when my goal is reached I find myself dealing with a late-day burnout. Maybe this case of fatigue is brought on by my desire to be the best or something else.

I am trying to find a way to spread some of this out so that at the end of the shift I am not exhausted. The work I do on face value is not difficult but the execution of it over a period of 8 or so hours can be very challenging. My philosophy is to be hard wood that burns long and evenly over time, not kindling that burns up quickly. See where I am going here.

2 thoughts on “Man At Work, Hard Work At That

  1. Icesabel says:

    Sounds like me. Which also includes tasks that are supposed to spread across weeks. Can’t have myself sitting on something if I know that I can get it done, there and then. But, do be wary of the burnout, as you have found out. Maybe alternate some days for a more relaxed day. Take care of your health!

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