A Faith Philosopy

My philosophy in sharing my faith is straight forward. I do this by being myself, a unique and very nerdy/geeky creation of a loving God and sharing the love of that same God with others by affirming them for being unique creations themselves. So love God and my global neighbors as I love me. Pretty simple eh.

2 thoughts on “A Faith Philosopy

  1. Scottie says:

    “the love of that same god…” what about people who believe in different gods? I agree with what you said about being yourself, but in a world where so many people believe in different gods, which there is simply no evidence for any of them, why your particular one? Hugs


    • Tony Burgess says:

      God can also be interpreted from a universal point of view that whoever one calls their higher power they can find comfort there. This is also coming from a believer and followers standpoint about the God of the universe too.


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